Taking up kayaking as a solution for loosing and managing my weight

Kayaking 6I need to do something about my burgeoning weight. Ever since I got my new job I have been consistently gaining weight. At first it did not bother me much. I knew that I was gaining weight due to my changed lifestyle and I was confident that I would revert back to a healthy lifestyle and my weight would drop back to normal. However, despite changing my lifestyle and starting to eat healthy, my weight has not dropped.

Before getting my new job I was very active engaging in numerous activities. I would visit friends, participate in communal services, have recreational activities that involved physical exercise, and I also played a lot of basketball with the town team of which I had been part of.

Due to my highly active lifestyle, I was always able to maintain a healthy weight without even trying. The issue about weight never came into my mind and I used to think that people who gained weight had a major problem of which I thought I would never have.

When I got my job, I could not continue with my active lifestyle and I started gaining weight.

I have been eating a lot of junk food which is the norm in the office especially since our workplace is in a neighborhood with two fast food cafes which have tasty burgers, French fries, doughnuts, pizzas, and other delicacies. Whenever I am hungry, getting some tasty bites is just a matter of making a call.

I have tried to cut my intake of junk food but still I cannot seem to cut my weight down to my desired level. As such, I have decided to take up physical workout. I however do not want to do something boring such as going to the gym.

One day over lunch I told a friend at the workplace about my problem. Coincidentally he also had had a similar problem and he had solved it by taking up kayaking. Since I knew a little about kayaking I was interested to hear more from him. He told me how his fiancé had encouraged him to join a kayakers club where they would every evening have sessions of rigorous kayaking. He told me he had even bought a personal seyvlor Fiji kayak which he used for the workout sessions.

The idea of kayaking appealed to me greatly. I had a little experience in kayaking since my father had been an ardent angler who used to go fishing in a kayak. Many times as a little boy he would take me along with him in his old town predator and we would spend a lot of time together fishing.

The thought of taking up kayaking to keep fit is not a bad idea, I might even join my friend in the kayakers club. In fact, this is the best plan. Being in a club will help me in being consistent in my workouts. Being in a group will also offer me a chance to have a social life which I have very little of due to my job!

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