Pets… Growing up in a farm and my childhood adventures with our dog

Girl playing with her beagle dog in autumn park

Pets are animals that share our lives and our homes. In many instances, pets become so close to us that they become almost like part of the family. Many times a family would feel incomplete if a loved pet is not around.

Whilst growing up I remember we had pets that we loved so much. We had a dog and a few cats. Being in a farm, there were other animals around but these pets were special since they lived in our house and spent more time with us.

As a child I also loved the other animals especially the cows which were calm and accommodating. They were not as rough as the donkeys and the horses; they were also not as noisy and dirty as the pigs. I remember I would go to the cow shed and sped a lot of time feeding them and playing with their tails. This was obviously when my father or mother were not anywhere near. They would often scold me for what they called “harassing” the cows

Due to my love for the cows I viewed them as pets, this is until one day when one of the young bulls butted me with its hornless head and sprawled me across the floor. I was so shaken by the incident that I never ventured back to the cow pen again. I did not tell my parents what had happened but they always wondered why I suddenly stopped “harassing” the cows.

After the young bull incident, my love for the animals was reserved for the cats and dogs. I especially loved the dog because it was more playful than the cats. The cats were favorites in the evenings when I was tired or it was dark outside and I could not go out to play. During these times I would sit at the sofa and they would come to my lap and I would gently caress them as they purred drowsily.

During the day the dog was a close companion especially when I would go roaming in the woods on my childhood adventures. Many times we would spot a hare and we would chase him in the thickets. Usually these hunts were not successful but the adventures made me develop a strong bond with the dog.

As I grew older, my playing with the dog reduced and the hunting and woodland adventures were no longer interesting.

As a teen I preferred to go out with other boys and roam the town flirting with girls. I however still maintained my friendship with the dog.

As a teenager, my father allowed me to take our kayak and go kayaking in the nearby lake. Previously this was an activity I could only enjoy in his company. I enjoyed kayaking alone due to the solitude It provided which allowed for meditation.

One day I decided to take our dog along for my kayaking trip. When we got to the lake instead of leaving him at the shore I carried him aboard the kayak.

To my surprise the dog really loved the kayaking experience and he wagged his tail excitedly and every now and then he happily lapped my face as we sailed over the calm lake.

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